the 1st Fully Hand made NFTs on Solana Blockchain

fair minting roadmap


A Quick 24h Giveaway Of 1 CUBE NFT For The SolCube Community.


11 Random CUBE NFTs Holders Will Be Refunded 75% Of The Mint Amount.


10 Random CUBE NFTs Holders Will Be Whitelisted To Receive A Free Phase 2 CUBE NFTs.


10% Of The Total Mint Amount Shall Be Donated To Animals Conservation Trusts.

Cube's roadmap

We’re Working hard to achieve all of our setted goals and make our NFTs Holder A Billionaire

Fair Minting Process

Total 5,555 Unique CUBE NFTs will be minted in 5 Phases back to back (1,111 CUBE NFTs in each Phases). Their are 5 different species in The Respective phases : Animals, Anime, Humans, Robots, Aliens.

Incentive For CUBE NFTs Holders

We’re Planning To Launch Our $CUBE Token With In-Game-Utility In Q4 2021. Every CUBE NFTs Holders will be eligible for upcoming Airdrop Of The Token according to their CUBE NFTs Rarity.

Own CUBE NFTs Marketplace And Launchpad

There Are Too Many NFTs Marketplace Already Available On Solana, But CUBE NFTs Marketplace Will Be Unique And More Efficient. Royalities collected from the Trades done on our marketpalce will be Re-distributed as : 60% Project Development, 25% Charity, 15% Refunded To Our Users.

To Know More Read Our Medium Articles.

A Play-To-Earn, Breeding And NFTs Collectible Blockchain GAME

Our Developers are working hard on the Play-To-Earn Blockchain Game Building and hopefully we will launch the Game in Q1 2022. These different NFTs species will be used to play the game and discover Rare Traits and Hybrid species by breeding. more details of the game will be Available On Medium.

cube's showcase

Team cube's

we’re the team of solCube, from different places around the world passionate about the SOLANA ecosystem and NFTs.

Cube Chief


Founder of the SolCube Communtiy.

Cube Catty

Chief Developer

An Experienced Blockchain Developer, Passionate about the NFTs on Solana.

Cube Leo


A motion and Graphics Artist, giving cUBES a new life.

Cube Stud

Marketing Expert

marketing and shilling expert .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SolCube NFTs?

SolCubes is a hand made collection of 5,555 Unique CUBES with different attributes and species belong on the Solana Ecosystem.

Who is Behind SolCube?

A team of developers from around the world passionate about NFTs and the Solana ecosystem.

When and how does the Minting Process Start?

Minting date – 02 OCT, Minting Time – 1:11PM UTC for only 1.11 SOL and Minting will be on a first come first serve basis, with each owner receiving a unique and random SolCube.

Where we can trade CUBE NFTs?

Soon After The Launch, CUBE NFTs can be traded on DigitalEyes and Solanart but later on we will have our own NFTs Marketplace.

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